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Human M1 10x

This data set includes single-nucleus transcriptomes from 76,533 total nuclei derived from 2 post-mortem human brain specimens, to survey cell type diversity in the primary motor cortex (M1C or M1). In total, 127 transcriptomic cell types were identified. 

This research was supported by the National Institute Of Mental Health of the National Institutes of Health under Award Number U01MH114812. The content on this page is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health.


File Size Type Description
Readme-m1-10.txt 12 KB .txt
Read-me file with additional information about the other files in this directory.
Table of cell metadata 23 MB .csv
Metadata about cells. Each entry has an _order, _label, and _color column.
Gene expression matrix 7 GB .csv
Gene expression matrix provided as a csv
Taxonomy of clusters (json) 400 KB .json
Serialized cluster hierarchy with all node information embedded.
Taxonomy of clusters (R) 7 KB .RDS Cluster hierarchy with node information 
Taxonomy information 1 KB .txt
Metadata about the taxonomy.
Gene Expression by Cell Type, trimmed means 30 MB .csv
Gene expression aggregated per cell type, calculated as trimmed means.
Gene Expression by Cell Type, medians 27 MB .csv Gene expression aggregated per cell type, calculated as medians.
2D coordinates 5 MB .csv
TSNE coordinates for each cell, as shown in the Transcriptomics Explorer.
Sample ID Mapping 600 KB .csv Mapping between sample ids in metadata above and exp_component_id referenced in supplementary materials in related publication 


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