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Human MTG SMART-seq

Note: these data were included in the subsequent “Human Multiple Cortical Areas - SMART-seq” data set, which can be found here.  

This data set includes single-nucleus transcriptomes from 15,928 total nuclei derived from both frozen and neurosurgical human brain specimens, to survey cell type diversity in the human middle temporal gyrus (MTG). Nuclei from 8 human tissue donors ranging in age from 24-66 years were analyzed, revealing 75 transcriptionally distinct cell types: 45 inhibitory neuron types, 24 excitatory neuron types, and 6 non-neuronal types. 


Brain Region Number of Cells or Nuclei Downloadable RNA-Seq data files
Middle Temporal Gyrus (MTG) 15,928 nuclei

Gene-level (exonic and intronic) read count values for all samples (zip)

.gtf File


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